What I Do

In simple terms, I solve business problems with internet related technology.

I’m primarily a web developer but I also have experience in everything from design to server administration which means I can manage a project end-to-end and communicate efficiently with specialists. Taking a project from concept, design, development, deployment to maintenance or filling in the skill gaps when working with others is certainly a challenge but it also keeps the work interesting.

Some of the greatest rewards of the job are knowing a project was a measurable success and positive feedback from users!


Roughly 10 years ago I started playing around with websites. The technical creativity involved in writing code and the artistic (yet objective) creativity required for web design appealed to me. With the intention of perusing a career in some sort of design related field I went to college and attended a course called “Multimedia Studies”. Although the course was quite broad I was predominantly interested in web design, an interest which evolved to include more and more of that “behind the scenes” stuff. After leaving college I started working with Xankom as a web designer and developer. My role quickly evolved into what I primarily do now; web application development.